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In preperation for our grand opening in mid-December, we are currently looking for people to join our exciting team! If you love to have fun and meet new people, feel free to download the application by clicking the link below, fill it out and call (916) 230-7470 to schedule an interview.


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Expirience this Delicious Hawaiian Cuisine

Originated on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, Poké (POH-kay) is often described as fresh, healthy and mouthwateringly delicious. The word Poké is a Hawaiian word for "slice or cut" which explains our freshly diced fish that we mix in a bowl with your favorite sauces and locally grown produce.


Our mission is to bring you the taste of this amazing Hawaiian Cuisine right in your backyard of Rocklin, California. 


With a passionate team and fresh ingredients we are excited to welcome you to our Yummy Poké family! Come join us and e'ai kakou! (Let's eat!)


We are conviniently located in the same parking lot as Blue Oaks Theaters in Rocklin, California. Our service is conviniently fast and could easily be enjoyed by those looking for a quick meal before or after a movie.



6696 Lonetree Blvd, #300

Rocklin, CA 95765



(916) 872-1477

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